Workshop to be held at Mabel Fox - 5 Green Street, Cambridge, CB2 3JU

11.00 - 12.00 Saturday 3rd July


Furoshiki are a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth alternative to wrapping paper you can use them time and time again. You don’t need to use paper, tape or ribbons. A piece of cloth does the job in no time and with no fuss!


What you will learn in this workshop 

  • How to make a beautiful knot 
  • Basic wrap (You can wrap most of presents with this technique) 
  • Bottle wrap (How to wrap a wine bottle) 
  • How to wrap books ( This is like a magic!) 
  • How to use Furoshiki in different ways ( Furoshiki is not just wrapping paper but also it is useful for so many different things) 

Let’s learn how to wrap a present and make it more attractive! 


Please bring a bottle of wine, you will take home the bottle wrapped beautifully with Furoshiki. 

This workshop is for anyone from children to adults.  Come and learn how to use Furoshiki ! It’s beautiful, easy, useful and reduces waste! All participants will be given their very own wrapping cloth to take away with them.

Sustainable Gift Wrapping Workshop - Let’s reduce waste - 3rd July 2021

  • Mayumi Dixon founded Eco Japan in the lead up to Christmas 2018 in response to seeing so much beautiful wrapping paper wasted every year.  She began using traditional Japanese Furoshiki fabric instead of wrapping paper. These fabrics are beautiful and can be used again and again meaning no wastage!  From this simple start she branded out into other eco-friendly Japanese designed items and homeware bringing traditional Japanese crafted products with an environmental ethos to the UK.

  • Our shop is in a very old building, with narrow winding stairs. The workshops are being held upstairs so unfortunately they are not accessible for wheel chairs.