Workshop to be held at Mabel Fox - 5 Green Street, Cambridge, CB2 3JU

2.00 - 3.00 Saturday 7th August


Essential Massage. The positive touch workshop.
The massage strokes concentrate on clothed shoulders, back, arms & head but can also be used on hands & feet.
The relaxation of mind & body easing tension & the cumulative effects of stress.
The promotion of 'feel-good' hormones including oxytocin.Which helps to boost general well-being.
Improves alertness & concentration.
Firm pressure peppered with a lighter creative touch. Something we have all been missing !
Come along and learn how to give and receive an essential massage where a 'calming time' is guaranteed with a spot of fun & bubbles.

Essential Massage Workshop - 7th August 2021

  • Mari Kidd has enjoyed the creativity of holistic therapies for the past eleven years. It is her passion to combine a selection of styles. Having trained to be a holistic practitioner and receiving qualifications in Holistic/Story Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Facial Reflexology and Chirokinetic Therapy. She delivers and shares her skills not only in her own private practice but in schools and hospitals. Also presenting talks, demonstrations and workshops at various conferences.

  • Our shop is in a very old building, with narrow winding stairs. The workshops are being held upstairs so unfortunately they are not accessible for wheel chairs.