Workshop to be held at Mabel Fox - 5 Green Street, Cambridge, CB2 3JU

10.30 - 12 Monday 19th July


Riadh will take you and your palate on a little journey through some of her personal favourite chocolate regions around the world (well 20 degrees either side of the equator to be precise). Exploring terroir, chocolate farming, supply chains leading to our very own makers here in the U.K. and chocolatiers. Exploring the process of roasting, bean to bar, possibly a little of the history, and finally - the final product. 

We will be tasting origin chocolate with no more than 2 ingredients - cocoa and sugar, as well as the introductions of additives, like milk powder and lecithin. 


Chocolate truffles will be included (of course), and each guest will go home with a Bumble & Oak Truffle Making Kit and a recipe. 


Chocolate Tasting Workshop - 19th July 2021

  • Described by Velvet Magazine as a culinary witch, for her botanical blends and chocolate whimsy, Riadh Falvo of Bumble & Oak is a Boutique Batch Chocolatier, Educator, and Explorer. 

  • Our shop is in a very old building, with narrow winding stairs. The workshops are being held upstairs so unfortunately they are not accessible for wheel chairs.