How Can Using An Interior Designer Save You Time And Money?

Have you spent several hours of your evening trawling the internet for just the right light fitting only to find its no longer available? Or when it arrives you realise the quality is poor or it just doesn’t work in your room. Finally ordered some curtains and realised they don’t go with your carpet or your sofa? I feel your pain. Putting together a cohesive look takes time, skill and experience.

Often people assume hiring an interior designer is just for the rich, but it really isn’t. Plenty of cost conscious home owners work with interior designers because they know it can save them time and money.

Let’s take just one aspect of creating a warm, welcoming comfortable home; choosing paint colours. Where do you get paint charts from? What are good quality paints? What colours work together? This looks great on Instagram but will it work in my space?

I estimate a minimum of 4 hours and perhaps £50 just to choose paint. Time spent faffing about collecting and pouring over paint charts can run into hours alone. Then you’ve got the price of sample pots, painting samples and further deliberating. Four hours and £50 is a conservative estimate, and that’s if you don’t make any poor choices and have to repeat steps, it could cost much more in time and money. I have been trained by Farrow & Ball and have years of experience of selecting the right paint colours, not to mention far too many paint sample pots in stock!

What about finding a reputable professional painter and decorator and getting quotes? You’ve got to get the recommendations, make phone calls, send emails, set up appointments, chase quotes. It’s all very time consuming. I have contacts in the Cambridge area, I am happy to make recommendations and know what is a fair price.

With a good eye for design, I know where to spend, what pieces are worth it and when you can be a bit more thrifty. It’s possible to achieve a high-end luxurious look on a budget if you are canny.

Finally, trade discounts add up. A 10% discount on paint may not sound much but depending on the budget for your room the savings on merchandise alone could be enough to offset our design fee!

When you think of how this can all add up, choosing paint, finding furniture, selecting soft furnishings, sourcing trades and finishing touches you can see how I can save you time and money.

One beautiful Shaker Kitchen in this renovated Victorian Cottage, created by Mabel Fox! Get in touch for more details on how Team Mabel can bring your home ideas to life

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